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New Log4Shell-like Vulnerability Impacts H2 Java SQL Database

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Researchers have warned of a model new and very important Java flaw affecting the console of the favored H2 Java SQL database with the an identical root set off as a result of the Log4Shell vulnerability in Apache Log4j. In response to JFrog, the issue carries a catastrophic menace of unauthorized distant code execution (RCE) for positive organizations which have to switch their H2 database immediately.

H2 vulnerability root set off Very similar to Log4Shell, a lot much less exploitable

As with Log4Shell, the defect (CVE-2021-42392) is expounded to Java Naming and Itemizing Interface (JNDI) distant class loading. JFrog researchers outlined in a weblog publish that RCE might very effectively be triggered if an attacker would possibly inject a malicious URL proper right into a JNDI lookup.

“In a nutshell, the premise set off is very similar to Log4Shell. Various code paths inside the H2 database framework go unfiltered, attacker-controlled URLs to the javax.naming.Context.lookup carry out for distant codebase loading (aka Java code). (moreover known as injection) permits distant code execution).” Any group working an H2 console uncovered on a LAN or WAN is at extreme menace, JFrog acknowledged.

Nonetheless, CVE-2021-42392, which is presently awaiting analysis of the nationwide vulnerability database, differs significantly from the Log4j vulnerability inside the scope of its exploit, the researchers added. “In distinction to Log4Shell, this vulnerability impacts ‘instantly’. This usually signifies that the server processing the preliminary request (the H2 console) is the one affected by the RCE. It is a lot much less excessive as compared with Log4Shell because of it makes it less complicated to look out vulnerable servers.”

Moreover, inside the vanilla distribution of the H2 database, the H2 console solely listens for localhost connections by default, so the default setting is safe. “That’s utterly totally different from Log4Shell, which can very effectively be exploited in Log4j’s default configuration.” Many distributors run an H2 database, nevertheless couldn’t run the H2 console itself. Furthermore consoles, there are totally different vectors that exploit this drawback, nevertheless these totally different vectors are context-specific and fewer extra prone to be uncovered to distant attackers. acknowledged JFrog.

To search out out if an organization is vulnerable to CVE-2021-42392, group administrators can use nmap to scan the native subnet for an open event of the H2 console.

How one can mitigate the RCE danger from CVE-2021-42392

Chris Morgan, chief cyber danger intelligence analyst at Digital Shadows, acknowledged the model new vulnerability would possibly set off security teams to endure associated issues to the Log4Shell disclosure. Particularly, it may impact the Apache Maven bundle, a tool for managing and understanding software program program initiatives. “Like Log4Shell, one in all many major hurdles is determining vulnerable strategies and fixing them sooner than attackers exploit them in real-time assaults,” he instructed Koderspot.

To take care of this drawback and cut back the hazard of falling sufferer to RCE, all clients of the H2 database ought to enhance to mannequin 2.0.206, acknowledged JFrog researchers. I added that it is best to try this even for many who don’t use the H2 console instantly. “It is as a result of totally different assault vectors exist and their exploitability is perhaps troublesome to seek out out.”

Newer variations of Java with the trustURLCodebase mitigation can cease naive loading of distant codebases via JNDI if H2 cannot be updated. Nonetheless, this mitigation is simply not bulletproof and is enabled by default in Java 6u211, 7u201, 8u191, and 11.0.1 and later variations.

I moreover study in a publish by JFrog that “when the H2 console servlet is deployed on an web server (not using a standalone H2 web server) it may add a security constraint that solely permits positive clients to entry the console net web page” .

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