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Koderspot’s Data to the Biggest Security Conferences of 2022

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There’s nothing like attending face-to-face events for career networking and knowledge gathering, for positive how helpful it might be to get a hands-on demo of a model new machine or get your questions answered. by consultants.

Fortuitously, there’ll most likely be many good conferences inside the coming months.

If sustaining with security tendencies and evolving threats is important to your job, and everyone knows, attending a top-notch security conference in 2022 is on our must-do itemizing.

From key events to additional focused events, this itemizing from our Koderspot editors will present you methods to uncover the security conferences that matter most to you.

We’ll protect you updated on registration deadlines and new conferences, so confirm once more often. I don’t depend on this calendar to be full, nevertheless it absolutely objectives to be extraordinarily associated. Please inform us if we missed one thing. Additions, corrections, and updates is also emailed to Michael Nadeau at

January 2022

BsideAlgiers, Algiers, Algeria: January 8 – 9

SANS Cloud Defender 2022, Digital: Jan 10-15

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 1, fictitious: January 10 – 15

SANS Danger Looking London, London, UK: 10-15 January

FutureCon Digital Central Meeting, Digital: January thirteenth

SANS Security East 2022, Digital (US East): January 17-22

SANS Tokyo, digital: January 17 – 22

Dallas Cybersecurity Conference, Digital and Dallas, Texas: January 20

SANS Preserve Sharp Winter 2022, Digital (Central US): January 24-26

SANS Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 24 – 29 January

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 2, digital: January 24 – 29

S4x22, Miami South Seashore, FL: January 25 – 27

Phoenix CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Phoenix, Arizona: January 26

BSidesPanama, Panama Metropolis, Panama: January 27-29

Cyber ​​Danger Intelligence Summit and Teaching 2022, Digital (East US): January 27 – February 5

Cyber ​​Danger Intelligence Summit & Teaching 2022, Bethesda, MD: Jan 27 – Feb 5

Paris, Paris, France with out: 31 January – 5 February

South by South East Asia, fictitious: Jan 31 – Feb 5

February 2022

BSidesSF, San Francisco, CA: February 6-7 (Scheduled)

RSA Conference, Digital and San Francisco, CA: Postponed to June 6-9

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 1, Digital: February 7 – 12

SANS London, London, UK: 7 – 12 February

SANS San Diego 2022, San Diego, CA: February 7-12

SANS Dubai, Dubai, UAE: 12-17 February

Ringzer0 Catch2022, fictitious: Feb 12 – 25

Gartner Security & Menace Administration Summit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: 14-15 February

SANS Cyber ​​Security Mountain, Digital (USA): Feb 14 – 19

SANS Munich, Munich, Germany: 14-19 February

SANS Security Administration 2022, Digital and Reston, Virginia: February 14-19

FutureCon Digital Easter Conference, Digital (East US): February 16

IDC Security Roadshow Turkey, TBD: 16-18 Feb

SecureWorld Charlotte, Charlotte, NC: February 17

Munich Security Conference, Munich, Germany: 18-20 February

SANS Cyber ​​Security East, Digital: February 21 – 26

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 2, digital: February 21 – 26

Los Angeles CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Los Angeles, California: February 24

SANS Cyber ​​Security Central, Digital (Central US): Feb 28 – Mar 5

SANS Vienna, Vienna, Austria: 28 February – 5 March

SANS Secure Japan, Digital and Tokyo, Japan: February 28 – March 19

March 2022

Cloud and Cybersecurity Expo, London, UK: 2 – 3 March

Bsides Tampa, Tampa, Florida: March fifth

SANS Doha, Doha, Qatar: March 5-10

Gartner Security & Menace Administration Summit, Digital (India): 7-8 March

SANS Conventional 2022, Digital (US East): March 7-12

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 1, digital: March 7 – 12

SANS London, London, UK: 7-12 March

SANS Secure Australia 2022, Canberra, Australia: 7-12 March

SecureWorld Boston, Boston, Massachusetts: March 9-10

Minneapolis CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Minneapolis, Minnesota: March 10

Gartner Identification & Entry Administration Summit, Las Vegas, Nevada: March 14-16

SANS Baltimore Spring 2022, Digital and Baltimore, MD: March 14-19

SANS Cloud Security Amsterdam 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 14-19 March

SANS Cloud Security Europe On-line 2022, Digital: March 14-19

SANS Secure Singapore, Singapore: March 14 – 26

FutureCon Digital West Conference, Digital (US West): March 16

BsidesDublin, Dublin, Ireland: March nineteenth

SANS Riyadh, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: March 19 – 31

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 2, digital: March 21 – 26

Paris, Paris, France with out: 21 – 26 March

SANS San Francisco Spring 2022, Digital and San Francisco, CA: March 21 – 26

SANS SOC Teaching 2022, Digital (Central USA): March 21 – 26

SANS Secure India 2022, Digital: March 21 – April 2

What’s New in Cyber ​​Summit 2022, Digital (US East): March 23 – 24

SecureWorld Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: March 23 – 24

ShmooCon, Washington DC: March 24 – 26

BsidesDundee, Dundee, UK: March 26

BSidesROC, Rochester, NY: March 26

SANS Oslo, Oslo, Norway: 28 March – 2 April

SANS Pen Check out Austin 2022, Austin, TX: March 28 – April 2

Baltimore Cybersecurity Conference, Digital and Baltimore, MD: March 30

April 2022

BsidesNashville, Nashville, Tennessee: April 2nd

SANS Preserve Sharp Spring 2022, Digital (US East): April 4-6

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 1, Digital: April 4th – ninth

SANS London, London UK: 4-9 April

Detroit CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Detroit, Michigan: April sixth

SecureWorld Kansas Metropolis, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri: April sixth

BSides Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal: 7-8 April

SANS 2022, Digital and Orlando, Florida: April 10-15

BsidesSofia, Sofia, Bulgaria: 15 – 16 April

Omaha CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Omaha, Nebraska: April 20

BsideIowa, Des Moines, Iowa: April twenty third

SANS Brussels, Belgium Brussels: 25-30 April

SANS Cyber ​​Security Central, Digital (Central US): April 25-30

SANS Keep On-line Europe Vol. 2, Digital: April 25 – 30

Newark CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Newark, New Jersey: April twenty seventh

BsidesCharm, Baltimore/Toson, MD: April 30 – Would possibly 1

Would possibly 2022

SANS Security West 2022, San Diego, CA: Would possibly 5-10

Secure360, Prior Lake, Minnesota: Would possibly 10-11

Black Hat Asia 2022, Singapore: Would possibly 10-13

Denver CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Denver, Colorado: Would possibly eleventh

Cyber ​​Security & Cloud Congress, Santa Clara, CA: Would possibly 11 – 12

Gartner Identification & Entry Administration Summit, London, UK: 12-13 Would possibly

BsideSeattle, Seattle, WA: Would possibly 14 – 15

Chicago CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Chicago, Illinois: Would possibly 18th

IDC Security Roadshow Bahrain, TBD: Would possibly 18

IDC Security Roadshow Kuwait, TBD: Would possibly 23

IDC Security Roadshow Oman, TBD: Would possibly 23

SecureWorld Atlanta, Atlanta, GA: Would possibly 25

Raleigh CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Raleigh, North Carolina: Would possibly 26

June 2022

Bsides Buffalo, Buffalo, New York: June 4th

IDC Security Roadshow Qatar, TBD: June 6

RSA Meeting, Digital and San Francisco, CA: June 6-9

San Diego CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and San Diego, California: June 9

SecureWorld Authorities, Digital: June 9

FutureCon Digital Japanese Conference, Digital: June fifteenth

SecureWorld Chicago, Chicago, Illinois: June 15

EDPS Conference 2022, Brussels, Belgium: 16-17 June

Gartner Security & Menace Administration Summit, Sydney, Australia: 21-22 June

Identiverse, Denver, Colorado: June 22 – 24

BsideCairo, Cairo, Egypt: 24 – 25 June

AWS Re:Inforce, Houston, TX: June 28-29

Tampa CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Tampa, FL: June 29

July 2022

Columbus CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Columbus, Ohio: July thirteenth

BSides Brisbane, Brisbane, Australia: 16 July

Indianapolis Cybersecurity Conference, Digital and Indianapolis, Indiana: July 20

July West-July Cybersecurity Conference, Digital (US West): July 27

August 2022

Black Hat USA 2022, Las Vegas, Nevada: August 6-11

BSidesLV, Las Vegas, Nevada: August 9-10

Kansas Metropolis CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Kansas Metropolis, Missouri: August 10

Houston Cybersecurity Conference, Digital and Houston, TX: August 24

September 2022

Des Moines CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Des Moines, Iowa: September 8

SecureWorld St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri: September 15

IDC IT Security Oslo, Oslo, Norway: September 20

IDC IT Security Brussels, Brussels, Belgium: 21 September

IDC IT Security Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands: 22 September

SecureWorld New York, New York, NY: September 22

IDC IT Security Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden: 27 September

IDC IT Security Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland: September 28

SecureWorld Detroit, Detroit, Michigan: September 28 – 29

IDC IT Security Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark: 29 September

Orange County CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Anaheim, California: September 21

BSidesKC, Kansas Metropolis, Missouri: September 23 – 24

BSidesCLT, Charlotte, NC: September 24

Infosec World, Lake Buena Vista, FL: September 26 – 28

October 2022

BsidesAugusta, Augusta, Georgia: October 1st

Boston CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Boston, Massachusetts: October 5

SecureWorld Denver, Denver, Colorado: October sixth

(ISC)² Security Congress, Las Vegas, Nevada: October 10-11

Student360, TBD: October 14

Toronto Cybersecurity Conference, Digital and Toronto, Canada: October nineteenth

SecureWorld Dallas, Dallas, TX: October 20

November 2022

Nashville CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Nashville, Tennessee: November 2nd

SecureWorld Seattle, Seattle, Washington: November 9-10

Digital and Seattle, Washington: November sixteenth

December 2022

St. Louis CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and St. Louis, Missouri: December 1st

Cyber ​​Security & Cloud Expo Worldwide, London, UK: 1st – 2nd December

Black Hat Europe 2022, TBD: December 5 – 8

December Western Cybersecurity Conference, Digital (US West): December seventh

Atlanta CyberSecurity Conference, Digital and Atlanta, Georgia: December 14th

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