Home Ahrefs a Basic Guide for Content Marketing in (2020) Ahrefs: a Basic Guide for Content Marketing that you can used to generate massive Traffic in (2020)

This is a Basic guide of a famous seo tool called Ahrefs and by using it how can we enhanced into the content marketing platform. In this basic you will be seeking. Real Life Examples .Enchantment of the content .Top Quality content marketing skills .And more…

Let’s drive into it…!


1. Introduction to content marketing

2. Introduction to ahrefs

3. Keyword research

4. List the topics that have the most Domain Authority

5. Create your content with Relevant Keywords

6. Promote your content

7. Monitor and Analysis of the results

8. Things to remember


A content is introduced as anything that represents almost everything’s.

The Content Marketing defines as: … a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content in a Stories ways to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and,

Ultimately, to drive profitable customer journey and result into an  action.

There are different types of contents that will allow you to connect with different audiences at various stages of their journeys.


By using Videos you can approach your content to grow  Potential to go viral…Drive social shares.Watch videos on the go. Categorize your video content. Increase your brand awareness. ..

There are several video platforms where you can add your video content, for example,

YouTube major benefits why you choose YouTube is that You don’t need to worry about bandwidth usage or Lost traffic.

Vimeo,Daily motion, and many video sharing sites are same though


Infographics are Persuasive and Eye-Catching. People love information—especially statistics, numbers, and figures.

Pop Culture Trends. Music, entertainment, sports, fashion—these are great sources for infographic ideas. …

Social Trends. Cultural trends can be a powerful source to tap into for infographic inspiration. …

Used Canva to create Awesome infographics..!


Emails are a way to reach a global audience and are Easy to share, Easy to measure, Easy to get started, Drive revenue.

Used Mailchimp to generate awesome emailing template and you can also Used this tool for Automation



Social media are a great way Increased Brand Awareness, More Inbound Traffic, Improved Search Engine Rankings, Higher Conversion Rates.

According to the target audience, there are many social media platforms there such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…



Ahrefs is an SEO Tools that contains tools for link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, rank tracking
and site audits. Most of the features inside of Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals. SEO tool that people use to get higher Google rankings.
So here is the thing “how to Ahrefs in Content Marketing..?”
WELL here are some steps that you can use to get to drive lots of traffic in your content and can enhance your content marketing skills

Are You Ready Let Dive In….!


First, let’s search the keywords according to your relevant topic suppose you’re running a flower website and you need to first choose a niche topic like Red Rose or Sunflower, etc So let searched according to niched..

And here are the results…


Now  when you get tons of keywords than filter those keywords according to the search volume and PPC and after filtering those keywords paste them on Ahrefs Content Explorer


like I did…
Now you will get a great result of websites that are going top on that keyword


Now it’s time after collecting quality keywords and topics it’s time to create everlasting content that will increase your brand awareness as well as traffic on the site…


Now promote your content on social media platforms according to the target audience and through linking the Referrals Domains as I did.
I add my keywords on content explorer than the website which are ranking on that keyword I place that URL on Ahref site explorer then select Do follow link type and one link per domain as I did. 

Now we have a tons of websites that are targeting to that domain
So what we do..?
Go to those websites and reach their content writer by using Email finding tools and outreach them and asked them to link your website respectively…


Last for not the least Monitor Your Competitor as well as yourself as I did by using Google Search Console




while doing Content marketing you need to remember one thing that you are doing by your self so lack of professionalism must be consider

Well if you want to Get result Fast Hired a Professional Agency

Tell me in the comment which content do you do with Ahrefs

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The Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Free!

Strategic PPC advertising plan is the most important thing to attract leads towards your service and product to boost your business.

Synopsis Extend / Synopsis Collapse: Yahoo, for publicity, is competing on Google!

Yet 99 per cent of them struggle to produce efficiency. Richard Stokes, the founder of the
World’s leading digital intelligence company, AdGooroo, is in a unique position to expose and offer ways of correcting the problem.


With insider knowledge and the use of proven methods from the current inquiry, pay hunt publicists to find drastically how to transport more traffic to their site increment navigate rates, take impressions from contenders, support their changes, and increment their deals by incredible sums.The approach to communicating with potential leads will be the same as the digital world advances. If you search fast for Google, it is not enough to rely on organic leads to support your sales funnel. The best PPC advertising tactics have possibly been discovered almost coincidentally by marketers who have basically tried to accomplish something else that relies on a thought. Things to learn are under follows:

⦁ How to use PPC advertising to diversity your traffic and protect your business


Looking for ways to get your company rising faster? Both marketing material and SEO are perfect ways and our website is providing the SEO services in Pakistan to draw visitors to your site. The only problem is that such strategies can take several months, even years, to create an incredible traffic volume. There’s another, much quicker, a path to development. But there’s some risk, too. Of course, I am thinking about paid ads. Paramount

⦁ Common misconceptions about PPC advertising!

The PPC advertisement mechanism is very simple: marketers have to bid for ads in the supported links of a chosen search engine and when someone enters a search query relevant to your request, it will appear at the top of the search results page. PPC ads these days cover all kinds of mainstream media formats. We would like to address certain myths about PPC w in this article

Limited time for resources. No experience.
Fear of making mistakes.
Now, let’s get to the point and look at some common popular myths about PPC.

It’s a one-hit-wonder
PPC Campaigns Are Only Profitable on Google Dumping all keywords will get you good traffic
Your availability on all socials platforms is mandatory for advertisement

⦁ To assess the authority to conduct a PPC campaign

The Digital Marketing aim – the right customers are reached with the right deal at the right moment When I heard this first I didn’t know, but it was an important slogan for me. The argument is really obvious but very deep. Your international organization should already have a product or service that satisfies a particular customer requirement list. These are the right men, whether they are existing clients or potential customers.

As you can see, we want to pick the “View” drop-down box and then pick Time > Day hour (the weekday option is also highlighted because it’s another nice one). This study will show us all of our success metrics by an hour of the day for this campaign.

To give you a chronological view, I sorted this by column Hour of Day. As you can see, the number of clicks and impressions during the 5 a.m. hours is very common of most activity. By 8 P.M. Keep in mind this account is on Pacific Time, so at 5 a.m. much of the traffic is on. Is possibly people in the Eastern Time Zone at 8 a.m.? To the east. You can see a few sweet spots throughout.

⦁ Strategies to target your PPC campaign

How to Build, Execute, and Optimize PPC Strategies.

Search advertising helps to raise sales, drive traffic and increase awareness of the brand. It deals with organic search ads shoulder to shoulder, which gains momentum as search advertising raises sales. And it’s also how companies get an average of $2 in sales for every $1 spent on paid advertisements on Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords), according to Google.

Pay-per-click however

Define your account structure

Now you are able to conduct the search plan paid for. You’ll need to identify your
Campaigns and Ad Groups to set up your Google account. Most accounts would have a few large campaigns and within those campaigns a selection of a few Ad Classes. You will set your budget at the campaign level, and at ad community level you can decide your keywords.

Start by looking at your Campaigns

Write Effective Ad Text

You’ll describe your text advertising within your various ad groupings. For PPC campaigns, successful ad copying is crucial: it can increase quality score, decrease cost per purchase, and increase click-through levels. Searchers will base their decision almost to entirely click on your ad on what you write so it is worth investing in this move

Familiarize with the basic strategies of the search engine

Pro tip: Use Ad Extensions to differentiate your ad from the competition. In the example above, the Ad Scale uses both a site links extension and a pricing extension. These additional details snippets about your company — for example, telephone number, location and price — can be found in your text ads.

⦁ How to analyze PPC campaign results


Click-Through Rate (CTR) & Conversion Rate

These two criteria should be combined with a general understanding of the results of the campaign. In the perfect world, the conversion rate and CTR would be high and you will have a consistent, highly important landing page, copy and target. But what do you learn when either or both of these parameters fall behind? Let’s look at the examples…

NOTE: Putting the metrics in context as they are

Cost Per Conversion

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only carry with you one SEM metric, the cost per conversion would be the one.

Remember: The aim of your advertising is to encourage the viewer to take a profitmaking action for your company.

By looking at the cost per conversion, you can decide if your ad drives conversions at a cost lower than your average new customer income.

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10 best FREE online logo maker

10 best FREE online logo maker:
To create creative logo Design effortlessly in 10 minutes


In this Blog, you will get the knowledge of how you can use these free logo designs websites to create unique logo’s effortlessly in 10 mins

So without wasting any time lets jump in…


1.What is a Logo? Why is it Important.

2.What is a FREE logo Maker.

3.List of FREE logo designs Sites.

4.Wix Logo Maker

5.Shopify Logo Maker.

6.Tailor Brands


8.Logo Makr

9.Graphic Springs


11.Square Space

12.Design Mantic

13.Free Logo Design

14.Pros and Cons of FREE logo Maker’s


Brand identity is very important like

every company wants to identify them-self but who solves this issue…?

Guess what…?


As David Airey said in this famous Book (Logo Design Love) “Logo bombard us. Think about clothes labels, running shoes, TVs, and computers.From moment we wake to the moment we sleep, they are an ever-present part of our daily routine”


Don’t Believe me just check


A free logo making website allows businesses, freelancers, individuals, and any other person to design their logo for free and online effortlessly within a few minutes.

It’s a really simple process and there are tons of websites that offer the services. All you have to do is select a template design, choose the color, the font, and then use the software to create your identity.

Once it has been designed you can download it, print it, and use it…


If you are looking for best of a best free logo maker for:

.Best FREE logo maker for Gaming

.Best FREE logo maker for Youtube

.Best FREE logo maker software for PC

.Best FREE logo maker for without watermarks

Then you are on the Right List…


First, on the list, we have “Wix” you know Wix for its online web development services Right.! but Wix is more than just web development or designing,

You can create creative logos by just answering few questions about your business and after that customize it as you desire to,

As i build a Logo with WIX logo maker.




Next, we have “Shopify” logo maker now you probably wondering why is an online e-commerce store site is doing in the logo design maker’s list well just pause your thinking for a moment.

Shopify also offers their online logo service by using Shopify logo maker you can build a unique brand, connect with your audience and more…

Shopify also offers a wide range of free tools like a business name generator, QR code generator, and of course a free logo maker.

Let me show you a logo that i build with SHOPIFY Logo Maker.



Tailor Brand is the World’s first Ai powered logo Design and branding platforms logo creation process is based on a quiz where you need to answer questions about your brand, business, and preferences.

When you complete the quiz, you’ll get your logo done in no time. Tailor Brands will provide you with some alternative options so you can choose what you like the most or customize your logo until you’re happy with it.

As I made a unique Logo by using this Ai Powered Platform.




Next up is Ucraft although is a website builder you can used it to build creative logo’s of your choice just click on the create logo button choose an icon than customize the text, fonts size as you desire to…

Ucraft comes with more than 22000 icons to use for creating FREE logo designs…

I used one of the ICONS to create a creative Logo with UCRAFT Logo maker.


8 .No. 5, LOGO MAKR


Logo Makr is easiest logo making platform out there as its sounds like…

Just Search drag and drops icon, shapes, text add color on the desirable logo to make your brand identity looks unique

I make a Logo with LOGO MAKR though Check it out.




Like any other Platform, Graphic Springs do the same just Enter your business name and choose your image category, pick your logo, and edit it with ease…

Filter your options through new or popular logos.


I created a small iconic Logo by using GRAPHIC SPRINGS.



Now we have another logo platform that is Zyro you don’t need to sign up or do something else.

Just enter your brand name, choose a template, customize the logo, and Publish it as simple it is

Zyro logo maker also provides thousands of template, full branding kit and more…

I made a super cool Logo with ZYRO Logo Maker.




If you made it this far then you must see the rest of the list but first this.

Square space is a unique website builder with an award-winning template square that offers everything to start your online business but square space adds a logo maker recently.

Just type the Business name add icons etc and it will show you a Logo include Shirt and Business Card etc…

As I made by using SQUARE SPACE Logo maker.




Second last in the list of Best logo designs maker, we have Design Mantic

Like, just other logo makers this is easy to used just select service, enter the company and industry name..

Boom it will show your desirable Logo…

I made this icon Design with DESIGN MANTIC Logo Maker.



Last on the list we have Free Logo Design.org as it sounds it is free and y

ou can create a logo in seconds by just entering details…


Company name and selecting the relevant category and that’s all your desirable logo will be made…

I Design a Logo with FREE LOGO DESIGN




Although there are many Advantages and Disadvantages that we must know about FREE logo makers software,

while making Creative logos etc…



.it is super easy to that we don’t have to frustrate on Getting a phone call or sending emails of negotiating the prices etc…

.Another advantage of using FREE logo maker is that you don’t have to be the skillful person to design logo there are many templates that you can use…

 .It is super time saver you don’t need to worry about Mind Mapping or so-called Designing process just put the template on and design a unique logo of your choice…



.Logos created without the help of a professional designer can be effective as a lack of originality.

You choose a template online, which limits your selection to the options available. Also, somebody else with in the market may have used the equivalent template, hence your identity cannot be a distinction.

.You logo is a reflection of your brand identity, if created without professional help it won’t properly reflect your true identity…

.A free logo maker is NOT always free, it may have hidden costs. They may limit you to using only certain templates unless you pay to widen your options.

Now that the advantages and disadvantages have been laid out, the choice of using a free logo maker might become easy. Using it may be best for those who are in urgent need but in the long run, one should hire a professional designer.

Let me know in the comment which Logo Maker do you use

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What are WordPress themes & The list of 2020’s most popular WordPress Themes to buy

In this blog, you will be seeking. An overview of what is WordPress theme actually is it’s importance .Most Popular themes to used .Real Examples and much more…


Introduction to WordPress, Introduction to WordPress themes, List of most popular WordPress themes, Divi – Ultimate WordPress Theme, Phlox Pro – Elementor Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Jupiter – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme, Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme, Real Homes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme


WordPress is a CMS that is volunteer by around the World like Wikipedia and other platforms

Like anyone can use this either its a professional developer or a kid playing around the house thought and can make awesome websites just by doing drag and drop stuff

Almost 30% of World website is power by WordPress and it’s still growing very fast

Now the Point is Who wanna build websites?


A theme is display layer on your website when you see those styles, animation, colors, etc are done by theme by using different languages i.e CSS, javascript, HTML, etc

So what is the WordPress theme?

Lets here by WordPress;-

“Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your WordPress site. Yet, it is more than just a “skin”. Skinning your site implies that only the design is changed. WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the visual presentation of your content and other data on your WordPress site, as well as the behavior of certain site’s elements while interacting with visitors


Well here are the list of Most Popular WordPress Themes
(Note; By using themes by your own-self there is a chance of lack of professionalism
If you need Quality work than try to hire a Professional Workers)
For further wasting time anytime lets see the lists…

4 .No.1, DIVI

First on the list is Divi as Divi by itself said that
(You’ve never built a WordPress website like this before)

Divi is not just a popular WordPress theme but by using it you can do Hover State Styling, Responsive Editing, Fonts & Text Styling, Shape Dividers, Advanced Code Editing, Filters & Effects, Drop Shadows, Animations, Magic Color Manager and much more…

By thinking about reviews and rating just look AT the Right side…

5 .No. 2, PHLOX PRO

Next on the most popular WordPress themes list, we have Phlox Pro the best Elementor multipurpose theme as by the name Multipurpose WordPress theme, Its best for freelancing theme, true for blogging theme, pixel perfect for portfolio theme, beautiful for online stores and many more…

Thinking of reviews again check AT the Right Side…
Now guess what…?
You can also preview the live version by clicking on this…

6 .No. 3, SALIENT

Now we have another most popular WordPress theme i.e salient by using this popular theme you can not only just work on the front end you can work on the back end also by using different page builders like wp bakery eliminator etc,

This theme popular because of its world-class designs, lifetime updates, Off-canvas menus, advance typography, multiple blog styles and more…

Just look at Actual Salient Reviews…

Want to see a live preview of it…?

Then just Click below…

7 .No. 4, JUPITER

Another most popular theme is Jupiter well it is as unique as the Jupiter though so what is unique about this WordPress theme so just listen,

By using this popular WordPress theme you can pixel perfect design an online shop, add unlimited headers and footers and also can create unique blogs, blogs magazine and much more…

Check the reviews on Jupiter…

Click below so you can check a planetary size preview…

8 .No. 5, IMPREZA

We have Impreza into our most popular WordPress theme list it is impressive as it sounds like

As well as its feather so…

What is impressive in this theme? Well, it includes post-template builder, post grid builder, category page builder, Author page builder, and much more…

Check out the impressive reviews of Impreza

Click downwards to preview to this impressive theme

9 .No.6, SAHIFA

Now on the list of most popular WordPress theme, we have Sahifa (means Page) it is famous for its page building of News, Magazine, Blog, etc and also includes in this WordPress themes like,

.Sticky sidebars, light-box plugin, weather widget,650 + Google web fonts, Dark skins, RTL Language, optimize for mobile speed and much more..

Check the Sahifa Reviews…

Also, don’t forget to preview the live version of Sahifa…

10 .No.7, REAL HOMES

Last but not the least on the list of most popular WordPress themes we have RealHome it plays a major role if you’re in a real estate agent to promote your business so how does it promote your business?

By customizing your website by using this WordPress theme you can add up to 4 drop-down areas like Country > State > City > Area, Google Map integration, Open street integration, Floor plains, Property attachment, support, and more…


Check the reviews from Home to RealHomes…

And look and click below for a live preview of RealHomes…

Above are the most popular WordPress themes that you can used to create creative and responsive website and can grow your Business

Let me know in the Comment which theme you like the most…

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