What are WordPress themes & The list of 2020’s most popular WordPress Themes to buy

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In this blog, you will be seeking. An overview of what is WordPress theme actually is it’s importance .Most Popular themes to used .Real Examples and much more…


Introduction to WordPress, Introduction to WordPress themes, List of most popular WordPress themes, Divi – Ultimate WordPress Theme, Phlox Pro – Elementor Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, Salient – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme, Jupiter – Elementor Multi-Purpose Theme, Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme, Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Blog Theme, Real Homes – Estate Sale and Rental WordPress Theme


WordPress is a CMS that is volunteer by around the World like Wikipedia and other platforms

Like anyone can use this either its a professional developer or a kid playing around the house thought and can make awesome websites just by doing drag and drop stuff

Almost 30% of World website is power by WordPress and it’s still growing very fast

Now the Point is Who wanna build websites?


A theme is display layer on your website when you see those styles, animation, colors, etc are done by theme by using different languages i.e CSS, javascript, HTML, etc

So what is the WordPress theme?

Lets here by WordPress;-

“Fundamentally, the WordPress Theme system is a way to “skin” your WordPress site. Yet, it is more than just a “skin”. Skinning your site implies that only the design is changed. WordPress Themes can provide much more control over the visual presentation of your content and other data on your WordPress site, as well as the behavior of certain site’s elements while interacting with visitors


Well here are the list of Most Popular WordPress Themes
(Note; By using themes by your own-self there is a chance of lack of professionalism
If you need Quality work than try to hire a Professional Workers)
For further wasting time anytime lets see the lists…

4 .No.1, DIVI

First on the list is Divi as Divi by itself said that
(You’ve never built a WordPress website like this before)

Divi is not just a popular WordPress theme but by using it you can do Hover State Styling, Responsive Editing, Fonts & Text Styling, Shape Dividers, Advanced Code Editing, Filters & Effects, Drop Shadows, Animations, Magic Color Manager and much more…

By thinking about reviews and rating just look AT the Right side…

5 .No. 2, PHLOX PRO

Next on the most popular WordPress themes list, we have Phlox Pro the best Elementor multipurpose theme as by the name Multipurpose WordPress theme, Its best for freelancing theme, true for blogging theme, pixel perfect for portfolio theme, beautiful for online stores and many more…

Thinking of reviews again check AT the Right Side…
Now guess what…?
You can also preview the live version by clicking on this…

6 .No. 3, SALIENT

Now we have another most popular WordPress theme i.e salient by using this popular theme you can not only just work on the front end you can work on the back end also by using different page builders like wp bakery eliminator etc,

This theme popular because of its world-class designs, lifetime updates, Off-canvas menus, advance typography, multiple blog styles and more…

Just look at Actual Salient Reviews…

Want to see a live preview of it…?

Then just Click below…

7 .No. 4, JUPITER

Another most popular theme is Jupiter well it is as unique as the Jupiter though so what is unique about this WordPress theme so just listen,

By using this popular WordPress theme you can pixel perfect design an online shop, add unlimited headers and footers and also can create unique blogs, blogs magazine and much more…

Check the reviews on Jupiter…

Click below so you can check a planetary size preview…

8 .No. 5, IMPREZA

We have Impreza into our most popular WordPress theme list it is impressive as it sounds like

As well as its feather so…

What is impressive in this theme? Well, it includes post-template builder, post grid builder, category page builder, Author page builder, and much more…

Check out the impressive reviews of Impreza

Click downwards to preview to this impressive theme

9 .No.6, SAHIFA

Now on the list of most popular WordPress theme, we have Sahifa (means Page) it is famous for its page building of News, Magazine, Blog, etc and also includes in this WordPress themes like,

.Sticky sidebars, light-box plugin, weather widget,650 + Google web fonts, Dark skins, RTL Language, optimize for mobile speed and much more..

Check the Sahifa Reviews…

Also, don’t forget to preview the live version of Sahifa…

10 .No.7, REAL HOMES

Last but not the least on the list of most popular WordPress themes we have RealHome it plays a major role if you’re in a real estate agent to promote your business so how does it promote your business?

By customizing your website by using this WordPress theme you can add up to 4 drop-down areas like Country > State > City > Area, Google Map integration, Open street integration, Floor plains, Property attachment, support, and more…


Check the reviews from Home to RealHomes…

And look and click below for a live preview of RealHomes…

Above are the most popular WordPress themes that you can used to create creative and responsive website and can grow your Business

Let me know in the Comment which theme you like the most…

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