10 Best Free Online Logo Maker:
To Create Creative Logo Design Effortlessly in 10 Minutes

In this Blog, you will get the knowledge of how you can use these free logo designs websites to create unique logo’s effortlessly in 10 mins. So without wasting any time lets jump in.



1.What is a Logo? Why is it Important?
2.What is a Free logo Maker?
3.List of Free logo designs Sites.
4.Wix Logo Maker.
5.Shopify Logo Maker.
6.Tailor Brands.
8.Logo Maker.
9.Graphic Springs.
11.Square Space.
12.Design Mantic.
13.Free Logo Design.
14.Pros and Cons of Free logo Maker’s.

1 . What Is A Logo & Why Is It Important

Brand identity is very important like every company wants to identify them-self but who solves this issue…?
Guess what…?
As David Airey said in this famous Book (Logo Design Love) “Logo bombard us. Think about clothes labels, running shoes, TVs, and computers. From moment we wake to the moment we sleep, they are an ever-present part of our daily routine”

Don’t Believe me just check.


2 . What Is A Free Logo Maker

A free logo making website allows businesses, freelancers, individuals, and any other person to design their logo for free and online effortlessly within a few minutes. It’s a really simple process and there are tons of websites that offer the services. All you have to do is select a template design, choose the color, the font, and then use the software to create your identity.

Once it has been designed you can download it, print it, and use it…

3 .List Of Free Logo Design Sites

If you are looking for best of a best free logo maker for:
Best FREE logo maker for Gaming.
Best FREE logo maker for YouTube.
Best FREE logo maker software for PC.
Best FREE logo maker for without watermarks. Then you are on the Right List…


No.1 Wix Logo Maker

First, on the list, we have “Wix” you know Wix for its online web development services Right.! but Wix is more than just web development or designing, You can create creative logos by just answering few questions about your business and after that customize it as you desire to, As I build a Logo with WIX logo maker.

No. 2 Shopify Logo Maker

Next, we have the “Shopify” logo maker now you probably wondering why is an online e-commerce store site is doing in the logo design maker’s list well just pause your thinking for a moment. Shopify also offers their online logo service by using Shopify logo maker you can build a unique brand, connect with your audience, and more…Shopify also offers a wide range of free tools like a business name generator, QR code generator, and of course a free logo maker.

Let me show you a logo that i build with SHOPIFY Logo Maker.

No. 3 Tailor Brands

Tailor Brand is the World’s first Ai powered logo Design and branding platforms logo creation process is based on a quiz where you need to answer questions about your brand, business, and preferences. When you complete the quiz, you’ll get your logo done in no time. Tailor Brands will provide you with some alternative options so you can choose what you like the most or customize your logo until you’re happy with it.

As I made a unique Logo by using this Ai Powered Platform.

No. 4 Ucraft Logo Maker

Next up is Ucraft although is a website builder you can use it to build creative logo’s of your choice just click on the create logo button choose an icon than customize the text, fonts size as you desire to Ucraft comes with more than 22000 icons to use for creating FREE logo designs.

I used one of the ICONS to create a creative Logo with UCRAFT Logo maker.

No. 5 Logo Maker

Logo Maker is the easiest logo making platform out there as its sounds like…Just Search drag and drops icon, shapes, text add color on the desirable logo to make your brand identity looks unique

I make a Logo with LOGO MAKR though Check it out.

No. 6 Graphic Springs

Like any other Platform, Graphic Springs do the same just Enter your business name and choose your image category, pick your logo, and edit it with ease. Filter your options through new or popular logos.

I created a small iconic Logo by using GRAPHIC SPRINGS.

No. 7 Zyro Logo Maker

Now we have another logo platform that is Zyro you don’t need to sign up or do something else. Just enter your brand name, choose a template, customize the logo, and Publish it as simple it is Zyro logo maker also provides thousands of templates, a full branding kit, and more…

I made a super cool Logo with ZYRO Logo Maker.

No. 8 Square Space Logo Maker

If you made it this far then you must see the rest of the list but first this. Square space is a unique website builder with an award-winning template square that offers everything to start your online business but square space adds a logo maker recently. Just type the Business name add icons etc, and it will show you a Logo include Shirt and Business Card, etc.

As I made by using the SQUARE SPACE Logo maker.

No. 9 Design Mantic

Second last in the list of Best logo designs maker, we have Design Mantic Like, just other logo makers this is easy to used just select service, enter the company, and the industry name. Boom it will show your desirable Logo…

I made this icon Design with DESIGN MANTIC Logo Maker.

No. 10 Free Logo Design

Last on the list we have Free Logo Design.org as it sounds it is free and you can create a logo in seconds by just entering details. Like, Company name and selecting the relevant category and that’s all your desirable logo will be made…

I Design a Logo with FREE LOGO DESIGN


4 . Pros And Cons Of Free Logo Maker

Although there are many Advantages and Disadvantages that we must know about FREE logo makers software while making Creative logos etc.

5 .Advantages Of Free Logo Maker

.it is super easy to that we don’t have to frustrate on Getting a phone call or sending emails of negotiating the prices etc. Another advantage of using the Free logo maker is that you don’t have to be a skillful person to design a logo there are many templates that you can use. It is a super time saver you don’t need to worry about Mind Mapping or the so-called Designing process just put the template on and design a unique logo of your choice…


6 .Dis-advantages Of Free Logo Maker

.Logos created without the help of a professional designer can be effective as a lack of originality. You choose a template online, which limits your selection to the options available. Also, somebody else within the market may have used the equivalent template, hence your identity cannot be a distinction. Your logo is a reflection of your brand identity, if created without professional help it won’t properly reflect your true identity. A free logo maker is NOT always free, it may have hidden costs. They may limit you to using only certain templates unless you pay to widen your options.

Now that the advantages and disadvantages have been laid out, the choice of using a free logo maker might become easy. Using it may be best for those who are in urgent need but in the long run, one should hire a professional designer.

Let me know in the comment which Logo Maker do you use



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